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Blackalicious Lyrics Section
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Artist :   
Album :   
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   Do This My Way.

Blastin' off, castin' off
The ties that bind like a smashed guitar
Rode a mastodon out Jurassic Park
Chased by a fan in a Tyrannosaur mask
Travel the traffic cop
Past the spot
Where the ostrich got across for the ocelot
What I couldn't of bought
Cos they wouldn't a popped y'all
Just for me to cop it one

So I had to be up
I'm going gradually up
Into the galaxy bus
Until I can't feel my lungs
I pass the family up
I see an enemy's bus
Saw the anatomy up
I catch the ballerinas

Now I was walkin' down this one block
Didn't hear a gun shot
Smellin' hell or nature
Pickin' fruit off of a kumquat
Tree another day up in this life under the sunspot
Light upon my innervision searchin' for an answer
Heredetory, man-in-glory, days of the missle fury inventory took
And while I raise
Rain began to fall from the verbal dance I did amaze all the natives
And the ladies said "You're crazy - would you love to have my baby?"
And I plays with the chief of the Mohicans and the Sheikh
And travelled everywhere from Delaware way up to Mozambique
Was givin' praise with the Deacon at the steeple
Spirit-seekin'on the weekend with a tea can and a pair of old shades

It's such a beautiful thing
This musical thing
When I can do it my way
And shootin' no blanks
I just refute what you think
A quite unusual thing
Yes it's a mutual thing
Cos it's the root of all things, and we aims to be

The venomist, instrumentalist, syllabal-mystic man traveller
Skippin' through the brakes on a Wednesday into a city plaza
Tryin' to make it 20 out of 15 pennies on the after
The cold-hearted world creepin' on my destiny like salamanders
Enchanters, cos I run their goose and I be the gander
Cleanin' out the digestive tract of hip-hop like cranberries
Shinin' like amber
All of the children told me "Damn you're an
Answer to our ears and deadly threat that's posed by cancer"
On Prancer, on Comet, on Cupid, I'm Santa
Got more flow than Flo Jo, while I laugh Ho Ho Ho, got jo jo dancer
Punchlines, I'm a Crunchtime Casper, and a one-time champion for it
A hundred lifetimes in the hereafter, and for the reincarnation tranform
What the heck I'll come back for it
Gotta handle chores now, and discuss all of that with God afterwards

We goin' bobsled off the Himalayas
With the bottle of bobs ?
In a big ol' box full of the latest compilations
And then we won't stop til we hit the Appalachians
To the Bulletts Bargain Basement
Then 'cross the Baltic ocean basin
The ride 'cross that Oakland night bridge
A drop deposit in the drop embankment
Makin' cakes that taste like Tecrine
Bakin' ex-potatoes, raisins, plaintains, M&M's, peanuts, grape juice
I'm savin' my pay checks to get my plane fixed why's that
We goin' fly all night - stop the propellors and
Jump out of the side with umberellas and
Let's make them all night the caterpillars that
Take us to the top the Himalayas

It's such a beautiful thing
This musical thing
When I can do it my way
And shootin' no blanks
I just refute what you think
A quite unusual thing
Yes it's a mutual thing
Cos it's the root of all things, and we aims

A lot of people follow ? and tolerate indeed
About to lead 'em all to battle upon the bottom of the beat
And plant a seed of thought that sproutin'
Like a balance like a teeter-totter
Seen a lot of freedom ? the feat amount to beat the drama

He began to dis
Until the nurse, the passengers had grabbed his shirts
And nothin' happened assured the captain and the person
But the pressure had expanded, and inertia burst, the cabin burst
And all 'em burgers, blankets, rations, animals and drinks
They flew out

Fleeds a lots of man ?
Climb upon the wall like Peter Parker
Meeter of the creed of darker regions
Darker seasons
These are not the reasons for the grief
And now proceed to outer-reaches
How to keep styles from seepin' outta me

They flew out
The fusilage
Had blew in time
It stupid to have
The attitude
When you would dive
Into the ground
(Now) if you'd have thought
Of suicide
If you would try
But you would tie
A parachute
Onto a slide
And took a dive
Now who's alive?

It's such a beautiful thing
This musical thing
When I can do it my way
And shootin' no blanks
I just refute what you think
A quite unusual thing
Yes it's a mutual thing
Cos it's the root of all things, and we end

© 2001