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Artist :   
Album :   
   Diamond In The Dirt.
Song :   

Cos these pressures in the world are pushing me to my edge (yeah)
Some days I wish I had no family or friends
Cos when they die or get hurt my world just feels like it ends

AND some days I feel like I'm not your average girl
Cos while your trying to change your life I'm here trying to change the world
MAN, some days I feel my friends want Chanelle to fail
Slip off the rails, get misled loose my head till I derail

OH, some days I hate life get straight scared like stage fright
I witness evil sites this worlds gone mad and it don't seem right
BUT, some days I think well hating life was just a phase
Because I've made it thru the storm my lives at another stage now

Some days, some friends, sometimes will act weird
Because I'm now busy they think Shy don't care
No way-- hoesay-- some day's-- I'm just tied up
So, please understand I haven't given up on you


Oooh child, things are gona get easier
Oooh child things will get brighter, (things are getting brighter)
Oooh child, things are gona get easier
Oooh child things will get brighter, (things are getting brighter)


It takes a man to raise his baby not to make it then to flea
So plead, don't bail out and leave you helped her to conceive
Stick around for your youts, try to do the best you can
Take a stand life is real now ah days be man

And ladies, don't let him put you down your worthy of a throne
Let it be known your worth more than diamonds, platinum and gold
So, when you select your man, make sure that you respect your man
And vise verse over wise, you need to stop and check your man

Men respect your women like you do your mothers
Never hit her, treat her like a queen, and show her that you love
My heart goes out to the feens, trying to stay clean
Keep your head, keep on striving, you will succeed

And when you feel, you've got those days, where you just can't make it through
Stop and think, someone in this world is worst of that you
So, please appreciate these little things in life
Look, a weed is no more than a red rose in disguise



In this world, death is certain but guess what life is not
So seen as though life is short, I just works with what I got
Any time I get is luck, I thank god for my live given
He's blessed me with power, behind my words, which it's written

And music is said to be the speech of all angels
And it's the only thing that brings me peace when my world fails
And since my cousin died, I've appreciated life
So every morning as I rise, I give thanks to my high

Daddy you're my hero hun I love you so
And Mummy its so deep that I'm in love with your soul
Out to my sisters and my bro's I'd put my life upon the line
For Lav, Jah, Shan and Dijon anytime

And too my family and true friends, that's been there from the start
Maximum, love goes to ya straight from my heart
Remember, if you stand still life will pass you by
So take everyday as it comes and reach for the sky


© 2001