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Artist :   
Album :   
   Diamond In The Dirt.
Song :   

Every thing I do i'm just keeping it gutter
Making people shocked so they stutter coz I'm gutter
Have you heard a female spit so gutter?
Oh no coz I'm keeping it gutter x2

Were gutter and that just the the way 'that we keep it'
Everything we do we just keep it so 'Gutter'
My army's eclectic and that's how 'we keep it'
Keep on, pumping strong, going on so 'Gutter' x2


Now I've worked long and hard to get here now can you understand
And can you understand how i'm fully focused man
I've learnt so much and matured so much
And in these last past years been reassured so much

That I'd, come along and be the next best thing
Even though my ride here's been rough and ting
But I, kept at it and held my ground
Coz can't no snakes cum and hold shy down

And snakes I read them all I keep my friends to a minimal
Coz everybody in this game to me is a criminal
It's a must I never put my trust inside another person
Coz if they do me wrong then i'm cursing for certain

I'll end your lights like closed curtains
So cum on now, keep it real, avoid getting hurt and
I know you're thinking that I'm kind of rude
But I don't care, it's my whole gutter attitude



I'm a little older now a little wiser now
So the shit that I spit might surprise u now
I don't take lightly to those who want to spit me
So I say politely F- You if you don't like me
Because it's pretty likely

That you will or you won't, do or you don't
Like the words you heard that I wrote
But I don't give a dam coz my attitudes foul
I'ma do what I do best that's what I do now
And haters tried to say my 'I love you' was a sheg
But the pressed loved it and said it was the hottest bootleg
Yea, I can agree that it boosted my name
But never get it twisted coz I had street fame

I'ma break UK rap like the lining of hymen
And A&R's love the timing of my rhyming
Now i'm in such a good position were i'm shining
Until I get to the top i'm still keep it grinding


I'm not here to raise alarms, I'm to raise pulses
So take notice, how I do this, stay focus
I spit and take the piss, I put your status at risk
Cos I'm deadly to this game like a ivy poison kiss

I cause an action, to see your reaction
And put the pressure on you till you throw fits and tantrums
I got certain artist, shook inside of this place
Got em scared like I got heat to there face

Cos I flow kinda gully, I flow kinda muddy
I got through PMS, Prepare, Master and Study
These other emcees just to better myself
Cos it betters my sales, then it betters my wealth

I love the fame and now my name is like a bloodstain
I'm hard to disappear, because I've started to reign
Yeah, soon my name is gona be well known
I'm the underground princess, I'm coming for my throne


© 2001