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Bun B Lyrics Section
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     Lyrics Home : Bun B : Thrill : Hold U Down
Artist :   
   Bun B.
Album :   
Song :   
   Hold U Down.

Hey, Hey, we keepin it trill, samba baby

If u need love im lovin, if u need a thug im thuggin, if ya need a hustla, whatever u need girl ima hold u down, need a lil
dough we flippin got somewhwere to go im whippin, be a love hustla whatever u need girl ima hold u down

[Bun B]
Bun B da ima man amongst men my chain is white gold my steel is tungsten im made of tough skin u gon respect me
(hold up) take mo than a average nigga to check me Ima rider till the wheels go ballin they blow out
(damn) one hundred and one percent G and its no doubt that if u need a man to make u feel secure then baby
u aint gotta look no more i got the cure

u want money and jewels (jewels) u want clothes and cars (cars) wanna live VIP rubbin shoulders wit
stars (stars) wanna fly in G4's (4's) or sail the seas then your wish is my command u can do what ya please
(hey) the lap of luxury is what you'll be layin in just respect the playa and the game that hes playin
in (forreal) i can show u a side of life u never seen (huh) cuz even the king of the trill need himself queen


[Mike Jones]
See all that listenin to them hoes in your ear gotta quit i see they smile when im around when i leave
they talk shit they just mad cuz i got u flippin jags poppin tags brand new clothes u cant tell by the
tag i dont mean to boast and brag but them hoes around u hatin they just waitin on u to slip so i can
leave yo ass with nathin then when i do that they gon back door and try to holla hopin ima do them like
you and drop them off some dollas but i aint cuz i cant afford to go back down that road id rather stay on
my J-O and stack a bank rolls but i aint cuz i cant afford to go back down that road id rather stay on my
J-O and stack a bank roll but if u real and u down and in public you dont clown holla at me ill be around
(mike jones) but if u real and u down and in public you dont clown holla at me ill be around Yea


i been puttin it down nigga and holdin my grounds nigga from off the mound nigga we duckin them clowns
nigga takin they crown nigga and shovin the town nigga rocks off the ground got the cush by the pounds
nigga ankle blingin baby wrist on freeze got the pinky on the ice love a bitch wit gold teeths nigga hot
girl nigga lovin the G keep the work under the seat she do it for me take a trip to Port Arthur to the
beach tell her homie hold it down cuz we hustle to eat and got me feelin like i lost my jones i done lost
my horns so H town is on and nuttin change cuz the palms got chrome nigga do this in the early cuz we
gettin it on and baby girl u could shop alone and fly the four to France and take a hundred bones


© 2001