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   The Palladium.

Bout to tell y'all about the Palladium
Me and my boys, the Joneses crew in the house
Kick it

Yo it's the end of the day and it's Friday (hey)
Ahmad how bout a show to the stadium (what) you know what the Palladium
(It's cool) We can't get faded, oh that's right you don't drink
but there's a better incentive, it won't cost, you know the hoe swing
Well I said guess I guess
It's better to flex than be at home watchin "Chips"
I'd rather watch chicks
I flipped, looked to the right of me, tons of honies
One was a Playboy bunny, but I left her
Hugh Hefner's no joke, he's too heavy for my kind
I play blind and went out lookin for my type
That's right, my type, a cute fine girl named Sabrina
Coolin at the bar with her friend Tina
Way I was dressed, they thought I was ballin like Bobby Bonilla
Bought a pina colada and got another
Reached in my pants pocket, (??) riches (?) on paper
Saw a cutie 'cross the room, went on another caper
I approached her, she started havin fits
It was the pits - cause this chick thought she was the shit
My homey Kay said let's go
Ahmad ain't even fadin it y'all, cause it's cool at the Palladium

At the Palladium, yo it's a great show
At the Palladium is where everybody goes {repeat both lines 3X}
At the Palladium, yo it's a great show
At the Palladium.. word

Yo it's Friday the Palladium (whattup) what a great show
Kids chillin like nerds couldn't get in so they sittin on curbs
Cars rollin by deep, you couldn't miss 'em
Tempers start stowin so brothers start throwin fists at fights
I seen night lights hit skulls and glove boxers
Rock stars in limos stretch, smokin cess
I walk in and see brothers and broads causin havoc
Havoc and mayhem both straight from the West coast
Most of the dancers are housers
Some a few freaks freakin, guys playin to get laid this weekend
Speak of the devil, better put in my bid
But first get rid of this chick, she's on my testicles
Cause Ahmad is the God, I don't test no hoes
I just maintained and step in the vestibule
Be reminiscent of disses
I'm throwin body blows to weak rappers and tossin 'em to the fishes
Then callin Mrs., Bla Bla Blah
Mrs. So-and-So, your kid was blowin smoke so I choked him
Uhh, I'm just givin my respects, leave my condolences
Like when I'm bowlin, I'm bowlin strikes, I never miss
yikes - I gotta go cause they flowin I think it's my day
So chill and let's groove at the Palladium Friday


Kick it yo I'm still cool at the Palladium show
Yellin out yo's with my bros and steady clockin the hoes
But now it's two o'clock I'm ready to split
Ready to get in my Chevy to get home and start hittin it hard w/ Betty
Smith or Johnson, fuck it it don't matter
Just wanna climb inside a bladder like a ladder cut the chit chatter
Cause I'm smooth, never obnoxious, chillin
That's why ya never live to hear me rushin while I'm bustin
Got honies if you got dividends or in a Benz, and I got both
So now you see me, taggin asses like graffiti
And on the next day I'll be rested, exhausted
Because I was naughty, but damn, that was a hell of a party

At the Palladium, yo it's a great show
At the Palladium is where everybody goes {repeat both lines 11X}
At the Palladium, yo it's a great show
At the Palladium.. word

That's Ahmad and the Joneses
We on this mic, for the nineties
We out, peace

© 2001