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The Naked Now

Air Date:  
   Paul Lynch
Written By:  
   John D. F. Black and J. Michael Bingham
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StarDate: 41209.2

The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew are summoned to investigate strange occurrences aboard the starship U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky, which has been monitoring the collapse of a red-orange star.

Once aboard the troubled research vessel, the away team finds a ship littered with food, wine, discarded clothes, several frozen bodies and no survivors.

Unknowingly, Geordi energizes back aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise carrying a contagious, deadly contaminant that begins to infect the entire Starfleet crew, making them feel and act as if they were intoxicated and mentally unstable.

While Dr. Crusher searches for an antidote, chaos erupts when Wesley takes control of the ship.

Finally, Lieutenant Commander Data and Chief Engineer MacDougal, fighting the effects of the ailment, manage to get control of the ship. While Dr. Crusher administers the remedy to the mysterious contaminant, the crew, with Wesley's assistance, diverts the ship from further danger when a piece of the star's surface breaks off and heads directly toward the U.S.S. Enterprise. Captain Picard commends his crew for a job well done.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as William Thomas Riker
LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
Denise Crosby as Natasha "Tasha" Yar
Michael Dorn as Worf
Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner as Data
Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher

  Guest Cast
Brooke Bundy as Sarah MacDougal
Benjamin W.S. Lum as Jim Shimoda
Michael Rider as Transporter Chief
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